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Changing the cloud storage industry forever, BCM One, Inc. announces InPacket(sm), Cloud Storage that Communicates!
  • InPacket is now powered with InPacket, secure business-class cloud storage that communicates.
  • Upload, organize and share files and folders to anyone, anywhere in the world. Eliminate complex FTP and VPN implementations.
  • Advanced security (Multi-Mode Authentication and Multiple Active Device Manager) ensure your content and communications are safe and secure.
  • Share, communicate, and collaborate instantly with built-in unified communications features (audio/video calls and conferences, IM/SMS, email, faxing, deskshare and web meeting).
  • Access all your business and communications content from a single cloud.
  • Instantly access and sync all your content to all your devices (desktops, notebooks, tablets and smartphones).
  • Organize and share your content exactly the way you want to with anyone in the world.
  • Benefit from significant savings with a unified communications, storage and mobility solution from the cloud.
  • InPacket is powered by the same secure and ultra reliable (99.999% available) cloud infrastructure as BCM One, Inc. InPacket Unified Communications service.


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